Motor Werkes


Motor Werkes Inc. is a family owned and operated BMW repair facility in Honolulu. When we opened our doors in 1975, as BMW and Porsche specialists, we dedicated ourselves to the idea of continuous personalized service for our clientele. Since then, we have grown with our family of customers to include repair specialty for Porsche, Mercedes, Mini and Volvo cars.

Motor Werkes Inc. seeks to exceed expectations of high levels of service and value by focusing our attention to fine details, keeping clients well informed of the work being performed, and ensuring that our technically certified staff is efficiently optimized. We are able to accomplish this because of the considerable expertise and resourcefulness of our team.

If you are looking for a place who cares for your BMW, PORSCHE, MERCEDES, MINI or VOLVO in the same manner of care which you do, give us a call and find out what Motor Werkes Inc's. personalized service is really like.